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ASV Liellopa Tomahawk Steiks (Creekstone Farms) +/-1.2kg – Saldēts




Amerikas Melnā angusa Liellopa Tomahawk Steiks +/-1.2kg – Saldēts (Creekstone Farms) kukurūzu barots 150 dienas.

Cena 70 eur kg cena vai 84eur par steiku

  • GRADE:   Natural Prime
  • PROGRAM:   Premium Black Angus Beef. Grass fed and grain finished in the midwest.
  • WEIGHT:   Steaks weighing approx. 1.2kg each.
  • AGING:   Wet-Aged up to 21 days for premium flavor and tenderness.
  • PACKAGING:   Product ships frozen and individually vacuum sealed.

This USDA Choice grade Tomahawk steak is truly the king of all ribeyes packed full of flavor and presentation. At a monster size of 35- 40 oz. each, these are perfect for sharing and will be the talk of the table with a 8″ long-bone exposed.