ASV Liellopa Tomahawk Steiks (Creekstone) +/-1.2kg – Saldēts




Amerikas Liellopa Tomahawk Steiks +/-1.2kg – Saldēts (Creekstone Farms) graudiem barots 150 dienas.

Cena 45 eur kg cena vai 50eur par steiku

The tomahawk Angus Reserve is the cherry on the cake
of a range of highest quality chilled beef cuts.
NH Foods Australia selects for you only the best
Australian Black Angus to deliver an unparalleled tasting
experience. The cattle are 100% Black Angus certified,
and are fed with a special and balanced diet, based on
high-quality grains for at least 150 days before slaughter.
The result is a highly marbled, tender and tasty meat, to
meet the most demanding palates.