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What is the Club Lighter electric grill igniter?

Club Lighter is the fastest electric igniter to light up the charcoal. There is no flame or gas, only a hot (600°C) air flow, which starts wood charcoal and saves your time. The use of the Club Lighter is versatile. It can be used to light up wood, granules, briquettes, and sawdust. It can be used under outdoor conditions or inside: for a fireplace, heater and solid fuel boiler.


No flame, gas or chemical materials. The Club Lighter produce only hot air. It also has a safe body that cools in several seconds after use.


Every day worldwide people use huge amounts of chemical substances to start a fire. The Club Lighter is an electric igniter and will help you to avoid them. From now on you will use ONLY very hot air instead of chemical substances. No more CO2, burning chemical substances and food filled with bad odour.


The Club Lighter can be used all year round. If you do not like to cook food outside during winter, bring the Club Lighter inside and start your solid fuel boiler or fireplace in just 60 seconds.

The Club Lighter electric grill igniter features:

  • Power of 2000 W
  • 3 metres long wire
  • Protection from overheating
  • High temperature of 600 °C
  • 22,8 cm length nozzle
  • Starting in up to 60 seconds!
  • Measures: length 47,5 cm, width 6 cm, depth 6 cm
  • 2 year warranty